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    Introducing children to chess can be a wonderful decision, offering numerous benefits that contribute significantly to their development. Here's a look at why chess is more than just a game for kids, and how it can impact their growth in positive ways.

    Chess players may not even realize that the game can have many possible benefits and a chess player can use what he/she learns on that board, in everyday life. 

    The benefit of chess can have some impacts that the player barely even realizes.  For example, playing chess can result in increased problem-solving skills. When deciding moves on the board, it’s important to keep certain pieces safe, move certain pieces accordingly.

    From world leaders, to intellectuals and pioneers of science, to famous sports players, there are plenty of great, famous, successful people in the world that all agree on one thing: this game is worth their time.

    Why play Chess? Simple, it's good for you.

    Chess is a game we all love to play.

    Chess, Math, Music and more. Creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and presence of mind leads us to enjoy the sport and life in general. Chess truly is for everyone who is willing to make the move. It builds a community that helps one another