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    How to choose a Chess Set?

    Walter Tevis said “When in doubt…play chess!” Chess has been played in different forms since 2600 BC according to historians. A game that has survived the test of times and regimes deserves a prominent place in every home. Answer for do you need a chessboard in your home is easy. Yes, you do! Whether the chess set is for playing or for decorative purposes, it will impress the chess enthusiast and intimidate the non-believers. The answer for what kind of chessboard you need is not so simple, especially if you are the person who puts in considerable thought in home décor. The choice is endless for a home chess set.

    Things to consider:

    • Decide on a permanent setting for your chessboard. Of course, you could move it around the home. However, a permanent place with comfortable seating is a must.
    • If you like less clutter, consider a chessboard with a storage chest or drawers to put your pieces away. Another option is to buy a storage box that compliments your chessboard and the room.
    • You don’t have a dining or coffee table to set the chessboard; there are chess tables that have an inlaid chessboard.
    • Does history impress you? Do you have a favorite player? There are many commemorative sets for an important game or reproduction of a chess set used in historical tournaments available.

    No matter what your style is you could always find the chess sets that suits you.

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