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Terra-Cotta Warriors Chess Set With Decorative Box

Terra-Cotta Warriors Chess Set With Decorative Box

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Qin Shi Huang, founder of the Qin dynasty, ruled a unified China as its first emperor from 221-207 B.C. Among the many massive building projects he ordered during his reign was the earliest version of China’s Great Wall, which ran along the country’s northern border and was designed to protect against barbarian invasions. But Emperor Qin’s most memorable project was the massive mausoleum complex he had constructed for himself near the ancient city of Xi’an. Guarded by an army of more than 6,000 life-size terra cotta soldiers, the emperor’s tomb would remain hidden for more than 2,200 years after his death.

Own a piece of history while playing chess. This exquisite Terra-Cotta Warriors Statue Chess Set comes with individual storage slots in an Antique Dragon Phoenix Box.  This chess set is made of wood and includes highly detailed Terra-cotta warrior chess pieces and a decorative box.

Size: 9  x 4.7  x 2.6 inches.

Piece:1.6 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches

Weight: 2.23 pounds

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