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    Chess Openings

    This Deck of 52 Playing cards features the most popular Chess openings. These cards are a great memorization tool . Each of the cards feature the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Code (ECO Code) of the Opening, the name of the Opening in English, French & Spanish


    ECO A00 King's Fianchetto Opening
    A ♠
    ECO B00 Owen Defence
    ECO A00 Grob Attack
    2 ♠
    ECO B00 Nimzowitsch Defence
    CO A01 Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack
    3 ♠
    ECO B01 Scandinavian Defence
    ECO A02-A03 Bird Opening
    4 ♠
    ECO B02-B05 Alekhine Defence
    ECO A06-A09 Reti Opening
    5 ♠
    ECO B06 Robatsch (Modern) Defence
    ECO A10-A39 English Opening
    6 ♠
    ECO B07-B09 Pirc Defence
    ECO A45 Trompowsky Attack
    7 ♠
    ECO B12-B19 Caro-Kann Defence
    ECO A46 Torre Attack
    8 ♠
    ECO B20-B99 Sicilian Defence
    ECO A51-A52 Budapest Gambit
    9 ♠
    ECO C00-C19 French Defence
    ECO A53-A55 Old Indian Defence
    10 ♠
    ECO C20 Alapin Opening
    ECO A60-A79 Benoni Defence
    10 ♠
    ECO C21 Danish Gambit
    ECO A80-A99 Dutch Defence
    Q ♠
    ECO C22 Center Game
    ECO D00 Stonewall System
    K ♠
    ECO C23-C24 Bishop's Opening
    A ♥
    ECO D00 Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
    A ♣
    ECO C25-C29 Vienna Game
    2 ♥
    ECO D05 Colle System
    2 ♣
    ECO C30-C39 King's Gambit
    3 ♥
    ECO D07 Chigorin Defence
    3 ♣
    ECO C40 Latvian (Greco Counter) Gambit
    ECO D08-D09 Albin Counter Gambit
    4 ♣
    ECO C41 Philidor Defence
    ECO D11-D19 Slav Defence
    5 ♣
    ECO C42-C43 Russian Defence (Petroff)
    6 ♥
    ECO D20-D29 Queen's Gambit Accepted
    6 ♣
    ECO C44 Ponziani Opening
    7 ♥
    ECO D30-D69 Queen's Gambit Declined
    7 ♣
    ECO C44-C45 Scotch Game
    8 ♥
    ECO D43-D49 Semi-Slav Defence
    8 ♣
    ECO C46 Three Knights Defence
    9 ♥
    ECO D80-D99 Grünfeld Defence
    9 ♣
    ECO C47-C49 Four Knights Defence
    10 ♥
    ECO E00-E09 Catalan Opening
    10 ♣
    ECO C50-C59 Italian Opening
    J ♥
    ECO E12-E19 Queen's Indian Defence
    J ♣
    ECO C50 Hungarian Defence
    Q ♥
    ECO E20-E59 Nimzo-Indian Defence
    Q ♣
    ECO C55-C59 Two Knights Defence
    K ♥
    ECO E61-E99 King's Indian Defence
    K ♣
    ECO C60-C99 Spanish Opening (Ruy Lopez)


    Can be used as a normal playing card too while also doubling up as an educational chess flash cards.

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